This was a special one. This film is, like most Disney movies, about the protagonist’s quest to find herself involving an unlikely adventure and save the world. But unlike most Disney films, who star a super-special-snowflake who is

The Chosen One

There is a moment where Moana loses herself. She gives up. She tells the powers that be that they must choose another to complete the task at hand and they accept without conquest. There is no pep talk insisting that she is the only one in the universe who can save the world or that she is more special than anyone else, no prophecy she has no control over, no superpowers separating her from the common man. Rather, she realizes she must choose to take on this challenge, even though there might be many more people equally qualified. There are no sidekicks begging her to go on as she cries on “why me”; for once she is not some reluctant hero. She does not accidentally solve everyone’s problems because she is just born to be a savior. No. She simply realizes

she must choose herself.


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