We are in a Weird Laundromat in Texas.

Reasons this place is weird:
– “kid’s playroom” has 4 movie theatre seats with white stains
– Also has a massage chair that is at least $1000 (how’d they afford that shit?)
– 16 frames memorializing people with the phrase “May we never forget”. again. this is in a LAUNDROMAT. (???)
– Very intricate mural of a tropical paradise in the “playroom”
-There is a large green exit button next to the door (??)
– bathroom is questionably extravagant
– Prior to entering “playroom” you will be met with an overly patriotic sign that reads “God is my defense”.
– Small girl walked up to me and said “I like your hair and your shoes” and i never saw her again.
– Clearly diseased fish with irregular scale pattern in the aquarium in the “playroom”
– 2 seated disfunctional merry-go-round

Now on to the Weird Grocery Store Next Door to the Weird Laundromat:

Reasons why the Weird Grocery Store Next Door to the Weird Laundromat is weird:
– Where do I even begin oh my god
– Creepy Owner / creepy customers
– Sells “sour pickle balls” that are black and cost $13.50 (??????????)
– There are four slot machines
– There are 3 sections just for alcohol
the BATHrO0M: (subcategory necessary because it is that freakin weird)
– looks like a closet from outside
– Walls are a lovely shade of “The Shining” green complete with tetanus oozing rust!
– no mirror
– no paper towels
– there is LITERALLY a hole in the wall directly above the toilet dripping (something??) on your head while you’re trying to pee.
– soap is diluted with water
– there is a urinal directly opposite the toilet

*This was from July summer 16 lol but I thought it was blog-worthy


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