There is this proven theory in quantum physics called Time Dilation

that means time is slower where the Dalai Lama’s teapot is whistling than it is on the ground

and maybe the closer I take us to Saturn’s rings

the better chance we have of reliving that day you wouldn’t leave Target until I tried on a

Superman onesie and you begged a poor red-in-the-face mom in her crocs and cankles to

take a blurry picture of you pointing at my embarrassed-smile (do you still have it on your

phone) and maybe we can Interstellar this shit

and a wormhole could give me laryngitis

so I would never ask if you kissed the work-slut

to which you would never inquire if I may shut the fuck up

But lets circumvent the dying breaths of you and me and make a left

at the blackhole to the pool-playing-letting-me-win-bunny-kisses and this time

I won’t inflate into a steaming tomato face when you

say I resemble a cow emoji and for our grand finale

lets crumple the fabric of space-time into an infinity scarf set to

the day you gave me your Hollister sweater I still have it but

it doesn’t smell like Armani anymore.


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