July 31st Throwback Entry

*this entry was sitting in my documents and I figured I’d publish it cuz it’s funny/memorable.
Still at hyatt in Texas.
Today was a great day! In the morning we went to see Nerve. Ok movie, corny ending. Then we got lunch at a hole in the wall pakistani place. Everything was either just ok or terrible. it was super cheap. Then we went to Galveston beach. Sahir and I spent a few hours in the ocean treading water and catching waves. I got bit by a crab and it started bleeding. I freaked out and ran away and Sahir dragged me back in for another hour. I got bit again. We were horribly unprepared and got sand all over the rental car. We got Starbucks on the way back and played antakshari the whole way home. I realized I love being in seawater, it makes my hair look bomb af and my skin feels so good! Then we came home, I went to the gym for a 48 minute workout, felt GREAT and showered and my dinner is getting cold as I write this. If today was a casey neistat vlog it would have been a pretty great one. Today was probably one of the best days ever.


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